67% Of Ford Mustang Customers Opted For The Coyote V8

As you’d expect, more 2024 Ford Mustang customers are opting for the 5.0-liter Coyote V8. According to Associated Press, demand for the V8-powered ‘Stang is high due to the era of the traditional muscle car coming to an end.

Of the 13,000 US orders placed for the 2024 Mustang, 67% of customers opted for eight cylinders. The V8 produces 486 horsepower in the GT, but Ford can squeeze as many as 500 horses out of the engine in the track-ready Mustang Dark Horse.

On top of that, Ford spokesman Mike Levine said more than a quarter of Mustang buyers want the six-speed manual transmission. Guidehouse Insights analyst, Sam Abuelsamid, thinks customers are going for these because they’ll likely be the last of their kind. “The most hard-core fans, they’re going to go out and grab one of these because you don’t know when it’s going to end,” said Abuelsamid.

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