The Starsky And Hutch Car: Was The Ford Gran Torino Worthy Of The Silver Screen?

During the run of the show, roughly ten different Torinos were used. Among them were stunt cars driven by stunt drivers and a ‘Hero’ car or two. The stunt cars, as you’d expect, had to pull off the numerous slides, turns, chases, etc. To do that, the cars had to be modified. The most common engine used in these cars was the 351ci (5.8-liter) V8 Windsor engine, but the engine selection went up to the 460 cu-in V8. Unfortunately, despite the cubic inches, they produced a mere 148-226 hp. Very often, sounds from older, more powerful Ford V8s were dubbed over the show to make it seem more intense.

Modifications made to the cars were wider custom 5-spoke wheels and tires, roll cages, racing harnesses, fire suppression systems, chrome exhaust tips, air shocks, upgraded suspension, a roll cage, and the white stripe across the car dubbed the ‘Vector stripe.’

Amongst the 1974-1976 range of Torinos used, there were ‘Hero Cars’, which were intended to be driven by Paul and David. These were not used for stunts or chases.

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