2019 Ford Mustang GT Transforms Into 1967 Shelby Fastback

You won’t find an 800-horsepower supercharger kit here, as the engine was untouched except for an aftermarket cold air intake from Holly. It’s safe to assume that the project Mustang still makes around 460 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque from the factory, even with its DNA Motorsports exhaust system.

As for the interior, it remains as close to stock as possible but with the addition of custom-made body paneling made from plywood and felt. The custom panels help retain a retro look despite having a modern interior. Aside from this, an Android head unit and a carbon fiber steering wheel were added to the vehicle. A Hurst short shifter was added for ease of use.

The project’s final form – with the paint, wrap, wheels, and tires – cost the YouTuber around $43,325, which is a smidge above a brand-new S650 Mustang GT. The total also includes the labor for the build, along with other various miscellaneous items, but for the money, he has something completely unique. We approve.

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