WATCH: Ford F-150 Raptor And Jeep Rubicon Take Massive Beating In Epic Offroad Drag Race

The crash’s aftermath saw the Jeep’s roof section caving in. And no, it didn’t have a roll cage, and Bryce, its driver, was lucky that all its pillars didn’t give in.

What’s the lesson we can take from this? Wilkey, an experienced off-roader from Hoonigan, said, “If you’re not sure what your car is capable of, you probably shouldn’t just go for it.”

Despite this, the video was posted anyway, which may encourage others to do something stupid. Wilkey hopes people learn from Hoonigan’s mistakes: “You buy something off the lot, you put some shocks on it, and you think it is a trophy truck. However, it is far from a trophy truck. So, know your place, know your settings, know your environment, know your equipment, get comfortable, or you end up in that bush.”

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