2.7L Billet 4-Cylinder Makes 400 HP Without Forced Induction

Katech Engineering LLC has unveiled a full billet naturally-aspirated four-cylinder 2.7-liter engine based on the Chevrolet LT block. Primarily designed for the POWri National Midget League oval dirt track racing, Xtreme Outlaw series, and USAC Midget National racing, the Billet Midget engine can produce up to 400 horsepower using methanol. It also boasts a relatively high compression of 14:1, significantly higher than the Mercedes-AMG’s M139 engine, which powers the AMG SL43 – one of the fastest inline-four cars in the market. This does it without forced induction and hybridization, though; it’s all motor.

This tiny bruiser of an engine has titanium intake valves, Kinsler individual throttle bodies, a Katech fabricated oil pan, a custom billet crankshaft, and ported and polished chambers for the cylinder head, among other enhancements.

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