Watch All 16 Of Ken Block’s Gymkhana, Climbkhana, Terrakhana, And Electrikhana Films Here

According to a moderator in the r/hoonigan subreddit, Gymkhana Eight was also created with Need for Speed, but “years later, when those contracts ended, […] NFS turned the video private.” That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since other, older Gymkhana videos are still live, but regardless, Ken later posted it to his Facebook profile. For the purposes of uniformity, we’ve found a YouTube version of the clip via Ford Chile.

Anyway. Two years after the previous Gymkhana was shot, Ken’s 650-hp Ford Fiesta RX43 was called back into action, this time with a live cheetah temporarily occupying the passenger seat. Ken plows through sand rifts on his way into the city, and when he gets there, he plays among the city’s very special exotic police cars. A Ford F-150 Raptor driving on two wheels also appears, as do members of hypercar royalty and a full-size passenger plane.

There’s almost too much going on, but the backdrops are all beautiful, and we loved seeing the series go where it hadn’t ventured before. The ending, teasing Block’s new Focus RS RX, only left us wanting more.

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