Scout Motors Production Facility Breaks Ground In South Carolina

Like the Scout models of old, the reimagined electric versions are being touted as rugged and adventurous vehicles. “It starts as a standalone electric platform and goes all the way to the great design, which will be really ‘Scout,'” said Christian Vollmer, a member of Volkswagen Group’s extended executive committee for production and logistics.

Volkswagen is leaning heavily into Scout’s American heritage. This would make sense, especially if the automaker hopes to make inroads into the highly competitive off-roader segment, where buyers tend to be brand loyal.

And how will the automaker infiltrate the market? By being competitive on price, of course. Scout will reportedly target mass-market consumers, with a starting price of around $50,000. That’s considerably cheaper than other electric off-roaders, such as the Rivian R1S ($74,900).

Keogh told Bloomberg that Scout is “in this startup position, and we’re able to pivot … we want to be dramatically more competitive on price to get into the mainstream.”

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