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The Bringer of Spring

Prints of this image are for sale in my print gallery:… According to the weather report it’s supposed to get up to about 65 degrees (farenheit) today. Even though […]

Ford Mustang

Our Daily Challenge: "Your Country" American’s have long been in love with the automobile. We love classic cars, with what we call good old american muscle. Fast cars with lots […]

Mustang Drift

Favorite/Press F if you like this shot! Strobist info: 1 Nikon SB-26 on 1/2 power in a 28" softbox. All of the rest is natural lighting. Very simple lighting setup. […]

Thunder on the Plains

Prints avalable at :… Here is the next in my Art of the American West series, in this case, some horse themed art. A group of wild mustangs […]