GT500 spoiler, tail-lights

The GT350s were the real race cars, but I thought these ’68s were better looking, and, Detective Bullit drove whatever term of art distinguishes this sloping all-the-way-back version from the […]

Ferrari Enzo

Completely random, and spot! Roger Penske’s Enzo. He sold his Bugatti GS to get this, and he passed me on the street! Amazing spot! He went passed the street he […]

mustang HQ

i noticed that they were having a mustang party at the HQ, so i quickly took the groceries home and came back to take a few pics, fortunately when i […]


Posted by mrbinfv on 2011-06-07 05:15:34 Tagged: , Mustang , Ford , Concept , Prototype , car , red , FOMOCO , Roadster , cabriolet , convertible , musclecar , […]

Ford Mustang GT / CS

Ford Mustang GT / CS. Jerusalem,Israel. @Barak Turgeman. Posted by 1barakt on 2013-09-24 11:23:09 Tagged: , Amazing , art , Beautiful , black , blue , brown , building , […]