Foxy Foxy

The lovely Cassandra with a particularly mean Fox Mustang. Posted by pramik photography on 2014-04-17 17:53:31 Tagged: , Fox , Ford , Mustang , Turbo , Fast , Racing , […]

Ambulance and Mustang

A somewhat long exposure and panning with the Mustang made the ambulance in this shot look like it’s moving a lot faster than it actually was. There was no emergency, […]


So I know its not a badass firebird, Camaro, mustang, challenger, or even a cool ricer for that matter… BUT, will it live up to the Ratchetbunny legend! Who knows, […]

Nissan GT-R

at McDonalds Posted by O’Connor Photo on 2011-04-28 02:27:50 Tagged: , Nissan , GT-R , R35 , Pavilions , Ferrari , Lamborghini , F1 , loud , red , crowded […]