Silly String – Use it For Dodgeball

Silly string has always been one of those wonderfully refreshing party staples that carries just as many possibilities as it does laughs and good times from those that use it. It is especially good in its use as an enhancer of party games, one of the best of which is circle dodgeball, or in this case, circle dodge-silly-string.

To prepare for this game you first need to know just where you want to play, and what you will use to mark the circle with. One advantage with using silly string for this usually rough game is that it can be played indoors if there is a large enough area without furniture. This being the case you could use a large, circular rug for a boundary if it was available. Otherwise, you might consider using masking tape to make an indoor circle. If using a cement pad, parking lot, or large driveway, you could use either masking tape or sidewalk chalk to make your circle. For a lawn, you could either spray paint a circle or form one using a garden hose.

Your circular boundary in place, you are now ready to begin the game. All the players but one or two (depending on the number of players) will be inside the circle, those outside being it. Those that are it will each need a can of string. The rules are simple, being that if you are sprayed by the silly string you will have to step outside the circle and join those spraying silly string into the circle. However, the number of string cans you begin with is the number you must continue to have throughout the game. Because of this, those outside the circle will have to use teamwork to toss the cans to each other and spray those inside the circle.

Once there is only one person left within the circle, those without the circle have six tries to hit the last individual with their silly string. Only spraying the can counts as a try, so the can of party string can be passed as many times as the players want before actually spraying. If the person is hit with the silly string they then become it and the game begins again.

Along with the game you might also consider choosing a color of silly string that coordinated to the event, such school colors for a class party, coordinating colors for a specific holiday, and a birthday persons favorite color for their birthday party.

Source by Mary Setter