Ford Mustang GT Recovered After Falling 350 Feet Down A Cliff

If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the last couple of years, you’d know that the Ford Mustang GT has a penchant for crowd hunting exiting Cars and Coffee meets. That wasn’t the case for this particular Stang, though, as it set its sights as far away from people as possible when it plummeted 350 feet off the side of a mountain in California recently.

The story goes that the owner had just fitted a set of brand new wheels and eagerly wanted to take his GT out for a spin. Obviously, his attempt to replicate Ken Block’s Climbkhana went wrong, though, as the car ended up upside down a very long way down the ditch. The owner escaped unscathed, by some miracle, but the question remains, how do you retrieve the wreckage? Well, Pepe’s Towing Service did the deed, but it wasn’t without great difficulty, as the video of the ordeal shows.

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