Ford Bronco Hardtops Are A Billion-Dollar Business

The Bronco contract was huge for Webasto. Across the contract’s almost decade-long lifespan, Webasto stands to net a cool $2 billion in revenue. Obviously, that means faulty roofs weren’t part of the equation. Despite the huge revenue that’ll be generated from the contract with Ford, Webasto still had to put up a lot of capital.

In total, the brand has put roughly $213 million into the Bronco’s removable roof system. A feature, by the way, that owners love. It’s easy to see why. The hardtops are comprised of four panels, all of which can be removed, placed in protective bags, and then securely stored in the Bronco’s trunk. There’s even room to spare.

Should you want, you can remove a single panel, leaving the other 75% of the roof covered. Offroad prowess aside, it’s one of the SUV’s best-loved features, at least if the forums are anything to go by.

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