GM Is Pondering A Small Electric Pickup Truck To Fight The Maverick

GM has ambitions to lead the electric car market and hopes to lure in customers with high-volume EVs, such as the recently revealed Blazer EV, Equinox EV, and the existing Bolt models. However, CEO Mary Barra has also said she envisions a lineup that caters to everyone.

That’s clear to see with niche vehicles like the Cadillac Celestiq and GMC Hummer EV, both expensive electric cars that only the wealthy can afford. Perhaps the compact electric truck won’t be a best-seller, but GM hopes an attractive price will make people pay attention.

“What they don’t have in volume, they make up for in a lower price. That draws people in,” added Pevovar.

With any luck, it will arrive in time to battle the Maverick Lightning. Style-wise, we hope GM creates a scaled-down version of the Silverado EV. There’s no guarantee it will arrive wearing a bow-tie badge, so we could get another electric GMC truck.

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