Official: The Ferrari Roma Spider

Ferrari unveiled the Ferrari Roma with a very sexy tagline: LA NUOVA DOLCE VITA and now ‘The Goodlife’ has just got better with the arrival of the Ferrari Roma Spider.
The Ferrari Roma Spider inherits the proportions, volumes, and specifications of the V8 2+ concept that brought great success from the Coupe. However, what distinguishes it is the use of a soft top, which is a feature that has been absent from the Prancing Horse range on a front-engined car for 54 years since the 1969 365 GTS4.

According to Ferrari, the overhang of the car was re-proportioned by Flavio Manzoni, the design chief, and his team to create a rear form that appears to embrace the vehicle. Furthermore, adjustments were made to the structure beneath the roof to make it more pliable. The company has claimed to have implemented technical solutions similar to those used in the Portofino M, which makes us question what will happen to the Portofino, is there space for both to co-exist in the range?
What cannot be questioned is the potent performance of the Ferrari Roma Spider. The 3.9-litre V8 turbo comes unchanged from the Roma Coupe meaning there is 612bhp on tap. The Ferrari Roma Spider delivers its power with the same eight-speed dual clutch gearbox, there is a new exhaust tune for a more intoxicating noise with the soft top retracted. 0-100 km/h is completed it in 3.4 seconds and the Ferrari Roma Spider will power on to top speed of just shy of 320 km/h. With 760 Nm of torque on tap, the Roma Spider will be as happy sauntering through the streets of St Tropez as it will be carving up the Cols above the Principality of Monaco.

Ferrari as ever claims the dynamic ability of the Spider matches the Coupe, featuring the latest version of the company’s supernatural Side Slip Control (6.0). “The Ferrari Roma Spider is not just rewardingly easy to drive, it is also extremely dynamic and responsive,” says Ferrari.
The driver and passenger will enjoy two separate spaces, which were created in an evolution of the dual cockpit concept, which has its roots deep in the marque’s history with cars from the 1970s. The innovative look of this dual cockpit was achieved by extending the philosophy applied to the dash to the entire cabin. Hence, the vision of two modules that wrap around driver and passenger and that extend and integrate with the two rear seats. Wherever occupants are sat in the Ferrari Roma Spider, they will be be shielded from the wind with the roof down by a patented wind deflector that is integrated into the rear seat backrest.
We hope to experience the Ferrari Roma Spider for ourselves, not only to experience the drive, but also to take in the stunning looks and proportions of Ferrari’s latest Spider.

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