Tesla’s New $300 Cybertruck-Inpsired Wireless Charing Platform

Not only is Tesla focused on changing the way we travel on roads with its lineup of EVs, but also the way we tackle everyday life with its collection of lifestyle products. Whether it be full solar systems to cut down on home energy costs or exclusive tequila to impress friends, Tesla is putting its innovative thinking at the forefront of problem-solving. As we anticipate the production and delivery of the electrified Cybertruck, Tesla releases a new wireless charging platform inspired by its angular design and metallic styling. Its housing is made from aluminum and can fit up to three smartphones on the soft Alcantara surface.

The Tesla Wireless Charging Platform features FreePower technology, which allows users to charge Qi-capable devices such as phones or earbuds placed anywhere on its surface without precise alignment. Packaging includes the wireless charging platform, USB-C cable integrated with wireless charger, 65W USB-C power adapter, and a magnetic detachable stand. The all-new Cybertruck-inspired Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is currently available through the Tesla Store for $300. View all current Tesla models for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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