1995 Chevy Truck – How to Remove the Steering Wheel

Any vehicle is subject to wear and tear and so is any part of the vehicle. No matter how expensive and reputed, there is no change to this rule. Same is the case with the steering wheel of the 1995 Chevy Truck. The only way to get out of this problem is to replace the steering wheel with a new one.

Step 1: Disconnect the Negative Terminal

First of all make sure you keep a open wrench handy. This would be useful to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. You will now have to locate the airbag. Leave the vehicle to sit for nearly 30 minutes before you proceed.

Step 2: Pop the Airbag Off the Wheel

For this step, you will have to turn on the ignition of the truck and turn the steering wheel in the clockwise direction. Once you are able to locate the hole behind the steering wheel, use the screwdriver to bring out the airbag from the wheel.

Step 3: Remove the Wiring

You have only partially done your job with the airbag. Next you have to turn the steering wheel of the 1995 Chevy truck anticlockwise. You will have to rotate the wheel for up to 180 degrees in the process. Now the airbag is accessible to you and you can disconnect the wiring harness with ease.

Step 4: Unbolt the Steering Wheel

The next obvious step is to unbolt the center bolt. This is located at the center of the wheel. The puller will have to be driven in using the right ratchet and socket. Tightening the nut lying at the center of the puller will help us pull the steering wheel off the column.

As seen, replacing the wheel is a matter of a few minutes and will require the right tools to come to your rescue. Once done, the frustrating truck will automatically be transformed into a pleasure to drive

Such tasks can be done by the common man and does not require you to depend on the mechanics. The 1995 Chevy truck is one of the sturdy and trusted vehicles and can be brought back to its true form in these few steps.

Source by Kristeen Krishnan