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On 24 June the brand celebrates its birthday with a busy schedule of events at its Museo Storico in Arese all weekend long.
Not to mention, from Friday 23, the gathering of 60 Alfa Romeo 4C owners: tour of the Modena assembly line and track day at Varano de’ Melegari.
Scuderia del Portello will be presenting the “Formula Alfa” project at Monza, and the Vallelunga circuit will host the meeting of Alfa Romeo Classic Car Clubs.
Starting on Friday 23 June, fantastic events will be celebrating Alfa Romeo’s 107th birthday in the best possible way, creating a long weekend of four-wheeled passion. Early on Friday afternoon, 60 Alfa Romeo 4C owners will meet in Modena to enjoy a tour of the Modena plant, to be followed, the next day, by the thrills of the race track at the Varano de’ Melegari circuit: two whole days of full immersion in the world of the sportiest Alfa Romeo of all. In Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June, the “Museo Storico di Arese – La macchina del tempo” historic museum in Arese will be opening its doors to all fans to celebrate 107 years of Alfa Romeo with a series of special events. Not just celebrations, but rather meetings dominated by creativity, excitement and appreciation of a unique historic heritage. The busy programme of high-quality events will involve designers from the Style Centre drawing “live”, a congress on the 164, thirty years old this year, which will also star in a parade, and the thrilling “Alfa Romeo Slot Grand Prix”, with remote-controlled models on a six-lane track, for adults and children.
The centre of the events is the Museo Storico. Opened in 1976 and reopened to visitors in 2015 after major upgrading and refurbishment, it houses the most important cars from the Alfa Romeo historic collection and illustrates the brand’s 107-year history with details of daring achievements, cars, technology and style. On Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June visitors will be offered free guided tours to help them to explore every detail of this amazing history, and events will be held all weekend not only for clubs and Alfa-owners but also for families, design and art lovers, holiday-makers and, in more general terms, all those proud of a wonderful Italian story known and loved the world over.
Specifically, the programme gets under way at 9.30 am in the “Giulia” room with the congress on “30 years of the Alfa 164”: the guests will include major personalities involved in the design and stylistic and engineering development of one of the most popular cars in Alfa Romeo’s history. At 12.30, the cars will parade around the museum’s internal track. This event is organised by FCA Heritage, the organisation formed to conserve and promote the company’s historic legacy, at the service of collectors and also ordinary fans of the cars and history of FCA’s Italian brands.
In the meantime, visitors will be able to admire the work of FCA Style Centre designers “live” in the Museum, an eternal source of inspiration for the creators of new cars.
In true party spirit, a great opportunity for play and fun is provided by the “Alfa Romeo Slot Grand Prix”. For the whole weekend, visitors of all ages will be able to test their skills on a 6-lane track with remote controlled model cars (all Alfa Romeo, naturally). Commentator, electronic scoreboard, race sessions and hot lap: everything needed for a competition that Alfa owners of the present and future are sure to enjoy.
What’s more, in the same weekend Scuderia del Portello will be presenting the “Formula Alfa” project for an international championship for Formula Alfa, Europa Boxer and Formula 3 cars with Alfa Romeo engines built between 1979 and 1994, to be held in 2018. In the meantime, the Vallelunga Circuit will host an outstanding gathering of Alfa Romeo Historic Car Clubs.
Museo Storico di Arese – La macchina del tempo
The Museum symbolises the company’s history, and its new architectural design has remodelled its functions, adapting the building to the new activities and visitor flows. The 69 models on display are chosen for their significance not only in the development of the brand, but in the history of motoring itself. These include the first A.L.F.A. model (the 24 HP), legendary winners of the Mille Miglia races such as the 6C 1750 Gran Sport driven by Tazio Nuvolari, the heavyweight 8C Touring, the Gran Premio 159 “Alfetta 159” (Formula 1 World Champion with Juan Manuel Fangio) the Giulietta, icon of the 1950s, and the glorious 33 TT 12. The essence of the brand has been condensed into three principles: “Timeline”, which represents industrial continuity; “Beauty”, which teams style with design; and “Speed”, a synthesis of outstanding engineering and light weight. One of the Museum’s floors is dedicated to each of these principles. So visitors to the exhibition gain complete insight into the evolution of the brand and automotive design, and Alfa Romeo’s splendid racing history.
Turin, 21 June 2017

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