Washing a Car – Simple Steps For a Touchless Car Wash

There are things that every person needs to do sooner or later in their life: washing a car is one of them. Living in a modern country is impossible without having a car, unless you live and work in the downtown. Even though driving a dirty car is not a crime, your friends and family members will not be quite happy if you don’t wash yours every so often.

So, how do you go about washing a car?

First, you need to locate a nearest car wash – preferably touchless (automatic), but a manual car wash will do as well. If you found an automatic one and can spare a few bucks (normally 10-15 dollars – or its equivalent – depending on the country you’re living in) – great! Pay the required amount to the cashier and he’ll give you the receipt with a special number in it -hold on to it and make sure you don’t throw it away – you’ll need it later.

Go back to your car and drive to the car wash entrance. Enter the number from the receipt on to the electronic pad and press the big green button: the sign will light up showing you that it’s now safe to drive inside. Once inside the car wash, watch the electronic menu for the instructions such as ‘drive forward’, or ‘back up’, or ‘put your car in neutral’, or ‘reverse’ – those are the instructions you need to follow in order to get your car into the exact position needed for the most effective wash. Also, make sure your windows are rolled up – you don’t want to get all wet from the high-pressured water, do you!

It’s also a good idea to detach your antenna before you drive into the car wash, as it can get broken or bent in the process.

You’ll soon see the nozzles with high-pressured water, then foam, then water again, rotating around you. After a while, the electronic menu will light up green saying that it’s safe to drive forward. Do as it says, but slowly, as you’ll be now moving into another stage of the car wash: drying the remaining water from your car. You’ll see the numbers counting down on the exit menu: those are the seconds left. It makes perfect sense to drive forward very slowly, bit by bit, to make sure the hot air dries your car everywhere.

You’re done – enjoy your shiny car!

Source by James Shrowb