My 2JZ S13 240SX WON’T START :( plz help.

My 2JZ S13 240SX WON'T START :( plz help

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Help for my soul is what I need. Oh the BLUEJZ S13. Could’ve bought a stock s12,s13,or s14 with an SR20det- but I of course had to do a crazy 2jz swap. The result is INCREDIBLE when you drive, but always growing pains while the build is buttoned up. With the car being restored completely in just under a year and a half, I can’t complain. Thankfully with the new OS Giken twin disc clutch most of my issues will be solved! It’s days like today you think “maybe I should’ve just bought a daily like a Taurus.” Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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