BEWARE THE FOUR HORSEMAN! Battle on the streets!

BEWARE THE FOUR HORSEMAN! Battle on the streets!

Four BADASS cars battle it out on the highway. We got the “Murdercat” Hellcat, a nitrous big block firebird, a turbo 2JZ swapped 240 (complete with parachute and drag wing), and a fully built Honda Prelude. Plus a few bikes join the mix. Close to a dozen races! Details on the cars featured below:

“Murdercat” Hellcat
Headers, exhaust, intake, pulley 18lbs
injectors, pumps
tuned on e85

Nitrous Firebird
Butler motor
Aluminum heads
Forged internals
Sprays around 200 shot

2JZ 240sx
Fully built 2JZ
Borg Warner S366 turbo on 16lbs
TH400 trans
Tuned on e85

Honda Prelude
H22A4 fully built, golden eagle sleeved block
Precision 6766 turbo
4-speed dogbox trans
Ignite e90

Yamaha R1
Basic power commander
Full exhaust

Kawasaki ZX10
Full brocks exhaust
Power commander
Stock gears