Your Attitude is More Important Than Your Intelligence!

Have you ever wondered which is more important out of your attitude and your intelligence? Perhaps it is time that you did. The world is full of intelligent people who have not lived up to their potential, and the world is also full of people who have made huge successes of their lives who wouldn’t class themselves as intelligent at all.

How can this be? It all boils down to your attitude. Your attitude is a major deciding factor in your level of success in this life. If you have average or even below average intelligence and you have a “can do” attitude then the world is your oyster, you can achieve anything in this life that your heart desires. If you have an IQ of 150 and you have a “cant be bothered” attitude the world will pass you by without so much as a second thought.

If you are intelligent and you have the right attitude then you can have anything that your heart desires too. It is your attitude and not your intelligence that will stop you achieving anything in this life.

Never say, “I cant because I’m not intelligent enough” because intelligence has nothing to do with it. If it was simply a matter of intelligence then all the professors and scientist would be millionaires instead of working for the man who left school with no qualifications but the right attitude.

Henry Ford only had eight years of education, yet with his “I will not be denied” attitude he went on to form the Ford Motor company, to change the way that the whole world viewed transport, he automated factory production and became the wealthiest man in the world at that current moment in time.

You would have to say that his success was down to his attitude and not down to his intelligence.

Do not let your intelligence or rather your lack of it stand in the way of achieving your dreams. You can move mountains with the right attitude.

A positive attitude is of paramount importance, you could have all the intelligence in the world if you do not approach each task with the correct attitude then there is every chance that you will yield negative results.

A positive attitude will equate to positive results and a negative attitude will equate to negative results.

Always remember, “it is your Attitude not Aptitude that will determine your Altitude in life.”

Source by Sean M Mantack