Original Car Parts or Replica Parts for Your Classic Car Restoration

When you see a fully restored to original classic car, there are few things that look better. To the person that restored the car to its former glory, it is likely to be even sweeter a sight. However, it may have very well have been a trying and difficult labor of love. On top of that, it probably took a lot of determination, lots of patience and a ton of classic car parts.

When restoring classic cars, there is a small but very serious group of people that believe that when a classic car is restored it must be done with the utmost care and attention in getting factory original parts that were used when the car was new. Many people would think to turn to a Chevy dealer. The problem is that if you own a 64 Chevy Nova and you need some car panels; it is unlikely you’ll have much success finding an OEM replacement part there.

In some cases, you might have some luck finding original car parts for a car that old online, but even that could be a bit of a stretch. You’ll likely find a ton of after market options, but if you want to be a purist when it comes to a full classic car restoration, anything other than an original panel will simply not do.

What your options are from that point on is one of two things. You can try and salvage the part you have, which you can try this yourself if you have the aptitude for such things. However, in other cases, you might want to enlist the help of a professional.

There are many local shops all over the country that specialize in not just restoring cars, but car parts as well. You may also find plenty of specialty restoration services online as well. This will normally require you shipping the part to the shop and more than likely paying for the return shipping, but if this is your only option, it is better than not having the part at all.

However, if you are not a purist and aren’t looking for some sort of certification that the car is completely original, then you will have a lot more options that will still give your car the look you want of a fully restored classic without all the hassle of digging deep and long to find original parts.

With after market classic car replica parts you can have a part that fits just about any classic car you could imagine, domestic or import at a much reduced cost.

When classic cars are the issue, it really takes all kinds. So whether you are a purist that demands original parts for you classic restoration, or you want the look of a fully restored classic car and you have no issue with using replica after market parts, everyone can be happy. With options for both, your classic car restoration can be exactly what you wanted it to be.

Source by John F Black