Chrysler Reports Incremented Sale Outside North America

While Chrysler may have reported a reduction in their sales in North America, a bright spot appeared for them in the form of increased sales outside of North America. The Chrysler group recently announced their sales figure for those regions outside of North America.

The report stated that the company posted an increase by 9 percent in sales for the month of February this year over last year for the same period. The group also reported that they have sold 10 percent more vehicles for the first two months of this year compared to the first two months of last year.

The three brands under the Chrysler group combined to set their highest sales figures for the month of February since 1998. The increase in sales also marks the 21st month that the company has managed to increase their sales output over the previous month. This is certainly welcome news for the car maker since they have been suffering losses on their own turf. In fact, the woes being faced by the car maker has led to rumors that it may be sold by DaimlerChrysler AG after it announced that they will be reducing their work, close down a plant, and reduce shifts on others.

The group achieved much success in the Asian and European region. Of the vehicles in their lineup, the Dodge Caliber is their best seller in year-to-date sales. The Chrysler group sold 4,834 units of the Caliber outside of North America for the first two months of the year. The majority of those Calibers sold were sold in the Western Europe region. Correspondingly, the best selling brand under the Chrysler group is the Dodge. In fact, Dodge sales have increased by as much as 278 percent compared to the statistics that they had last year.

Thomas Hausch, the Executive Director of International Sales and Marketing, has this to say: "The global success of Dodge Caliber shows us that there is a significant group of customers in European and international markets who are attracted to the bold and unique characteristics of the Dodge brand. And we have more to come; later this year, the Dodge Nitro and Avenger will be available to customers all over the world. "

For the month of February, the best selling model for the Chrysler group is the Chrysler 300C. In terms of sales and growth, the 300C leads the entire model lineup of Chrysler. The 300C posted a growth increase of 57 percent increase and a sales figure of 2,629 units.

The group's sale outside of North America accounts only for eight percent of their total global sales. While this may seem to be a small percentage, the continued success of Chrysler outside of North America is good news for the struggling car maker. While the success of the group outside of North America is a good sign, it is not enough to stop their financial woes. The company has to configure restructuring plans which will be as effective as brake components from Active Bakes Direct .

Source by Anthony Fontanelle