How to Ruin Your Vintage Mustang in Epic Fashion | Widebody Mustang

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m having too much fun with the title. Most people are enjoying the build of WideFox, but I have had a few across social media that just hate that I am cutting up a clean Foxbody notchback to go widebody. Anymore, I am having fun making people mad about it. So if you’re enjoying the build, I’m glad to have you on the journey!

In this video, I am taking care of the driver’s rear flare. The work is pretty much the same as the passenger side minus the fuel door opening that took time to make it work like OEM. If you’re doing this, just take your time to mock-up and make sure it’s all in place before you drill your two holes at the corners. If you have that right, everything else will be easy to finish step by step.

After this video was completed, the bodysde molding residue removed, then the car painted, I am done working on the rear of the car. The rear suspension is all in, the body mods are done (for now), and it’ll be on to mounting the battery in the truck and getting the fuel tank in place. The front end is also in the works to finish it up.

Stay tuned as I have big plans for this car in 2018!

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