Getting Rich And Our Wonderful Universe

I learned something today and it has already affected my life to such a degree that I want to share it with you!

If you've heard of the movie "The Secret" then what I'm going to tell you will not come as much of a surprise – and if you have not heard of the movie "The Secret" or you've heard bad things I strongly urge you to use your own jurisdiction for such matters instead of relying on what other people think, I personally can thank it for giving me some answers that I unfortunately needed, and after you see "The Secret" you realize that of course you got the answers you were looking for – that's how the universe operates!

I want to share something else with you that I've learned about the Universe, and I realize that this Touches into a lot of different areas so again, use your own judgment, or better yet, try it yourself and you will see that it is in fact an absolute truth.

Realize that this Universe, our Universe – Responses to two things: Thoughts & Feelings, and before you Scientific types butt in here, I know that there are many, many, more forces at work in our Universe like Physics, Gravity etc … but these are static laws we have no control over – What we do have control over is our thoughts & feelings.

1. Thoughts

You attract what you think about & you attract what you worry about.
This is one of the most self-destructive things that people do to themselves (myself included before I learned of these principles.)

Do not you ever notice that when you're in traffic and you b & *% & complain about how bad it is you send out these vibrations to the Universe that in turn set-up more of what you are putting out. The universe has no concept of good / bad, when you say NO NO NO I do not want this, and you focus on it and expel all your energy on it, it comes back worse! You'll find yourself stuck in a big line at the Supermarket or at the Bank etc …

This is the law of attraction. To put it simply – you get what you give.

2. Feelings

Feelings are one of the strongest forces we have at our disposal, when you feel strongly about something either Positive or Negative you send out vibrations (electromagnetic waves) from your brain that in turn attract that very same thing you are thinking about to you!

Most people think they know this, but I must ask you a question – If you know this then why do not you have everything that you want? What is stopping you from attaining everything you want? Most respond with blame … "it's so and so's fault, NOT MINE", "it's because of this … not because of me .." etc .. etc … Realize – It is only you who joins what happens to you. Do not blame others.


Is the absolute worst thing anyone could do to themselves, when you say "Oh please do not let my car get broken into, I just would not be able to handle that right now that "You better realize that you're setting yourself up for the exact feeling you're thinking about. You will attract the situation that fits your thoughts to create the feeling.

Enough Philosophy,

What does this have to do with getting rich?

I'll tell you.

When you think about money, most people think about all the great things they would buy and have, and have paid-off (bills, etc …) The house they would live in. STOP. That's all fine and dandy but get this (this is what I realized) it's not really the money you want, it's the feeling of having all the money, the feeling you get when you sit in your massive house, the feeling you get when you drive your Lamborghini or Ferrari or whatever!

So that's the secret in a nutshell folks, and I want you all to do something for me.
Every spare moment you have in your day – take the time to imagine (Another wonderful and powerful tool we all have) Imagine that you already have everything you want – close your eyes and sit in your new Lamborghini – Fancy House – Swimming Pool Or whatever you want! And feel, really try to generate that feeling of having it all. I promise you, you'll get it faster than you've ever thought possible.

Oh and no excuses – if you do not have a spare moment then make a spare moment – you only need 5 Minutes. Use your coffee break at work, do it while you're stuck in traffic, do it on the bus, do it whenever and wherever you can!

i believe in you!

Source by Chad Reitsma