Tricking Out Your Dodge Ram SRT-10

There are pick up trucks on the road and then there is the Dodge Ram SRT-10. Take one already powerful truck and add in a Viper engine and you come away with a vehicle that is really the king of its class. DaimlerChrysler got it right when they decided to morph its popular Ram into a true road warrior capable to haul people, stuff, and beat just about any car on the road. If you own a Ram SRT-10 you already know what I mean as you spend your time tricking out your truck for even more performance and enhanced looks. Before we go on, please note that there are two versions of the Ram SRT-10: one is the "standard" two door cab and the other is the quad cab. For argument's sake, we'll look at both Ram SRT-10 models as one.

Without exception the 510 horsepower 8.3L V10 is one powerful engine. For the flaw of heart, the Ram SRT-10 just is not for you, but for the Dodge aficionado this steroid enhanced Ram more than meets your every fantasy. Or does it?

As it is with every performance oriented vehicle, a host of aftermarket parts have come along to enhance the driving experience. What, is not the Ram SRT-10 enough of a performance statement? For some drivers that answer is yes, but for others that answer is clearly no.

Passionate Ram SRT-10 owners are enhancing their rides with a variety of popular aftermarket products including:

Air Intake Systems – A cool air intake system such as the Volant Air Intake for the Ram SRT-10 is a hot selling item. Volant claims that you will receive a horsepower boost of 28 while adding 42 lbs. of torque to the rear wheels. Working with your truck's engine, an air intake system helps to free up trapped air to allow the engine to operate more efficiently without adversely impacting fuel mileage. Enjoy more power and take in that awesome take tone!

Cat-back Exhaust Systems – Another area where power is inhibited is through your vehicle's exhaust system. A catalyst back [or cat-back] system such as one developed by Magnaflow Exhaust will boost horsepower and free up torque with its dual rear exit 3 "mandrel bent stainless steel system and 4" slash cut polished stainless steel tips. The racecar rumble you hear coming from underneath the truck is definitely a welcome bonus!

Computer Enhancements – The factory settings for your Ram SRT-10 are good, but they could be better. A Custom Computer Flash ECU can replace the stock computer with one that has been aftermarket enhanced. What that means is a simple swap out of your current computer with a new one which will result in more horsepower, better torque, and improved throttle timing for your truck. All you have to do is submit your SRT-10's VIN #, modifications, and mileage and a custom designed ECU will be shipped to you.

If these aftermarket parts are not enough then there are always lower kits, performance air filters, exhaust headers, and traction bars to consider, so why settle for less? Indeed, there is little to stop you from customizing your Dodge Ram SRT-10 to perform the way you want it to run even among other enhanced trucks in its class.

Source by Matthew Keegan