Walking As A Senior Exercise

Walking for seniors in the 50 plus group is one of the best walking programs that you can do as a sport or exercise. It is an easy activity for you; it does not cost much money to do, and best of all it is a healthy exercise.

I think that a study needs to be done on walking as a senior exercise. As a Podiatrist I know that walking is an excellent senior exercise program that the 50 plus population should do for their physical and mental status.

This is Dr. Frank Ferrari, DPM and I know as a professional that all the seniors should walk. It is a terrific for you and easy activity to do. All seniors should walk everyday it does wonders for you.

When you are walking with a walking partner, either with your chosen group or alone. No matter whatever distance you are walking you are exercising. This activity is very good for you and this activity prolongs your lives in a good way.

The experts say that a person should walk at least 4 days a week to get the most from the exercise that you can. A daily 60 minute walk, which they can split up into two or three sessions each day, does wonders for the senior's physical health. It is extremely effective, walking for your health trains your heart to work less and makes your blood flow.

Even people who have moderate arthritis of the legs and feet can greatly benefit from walking. A walking stick or cane can be used to reduce strain on the legs.

The research specialists have also discovered that "power walking" is a good way to get in an exercise that will raise your fitness level, especially in the 50 plus age group. Walking for your health does improve the senior's physical status a great deal.

You can see that if you are walking, either for leisure or as an exercise, it does a great deal for you no matter what age group that you are in. It is not an expensive sport either that you can do, and just about anywhere that you want.

Walking can raise your blood pressure; loosen up your stiff joints, if you do have any arthritis; and it can be a good exercise for all diabetics too. If you have diabetes, as all seniors should do is to first check with your medical provider to make sure that the activity of walking will be all right for you to do. Remember that walking is a form of exercising.

Now I will just go over the items that I mentioned in this post:

1. You can walk solo, with a partner, or a group of interested people. The partner or group that you are walking with can be from your senior club, church or synagogue, or in some group of people, any way that you know people with a walking interest.

2. You should walk at least 4 times a week that way you will get the most physical benefit from your health walking.

3. You can split up your walking into 2 or 3 times a day.

4. A daily walk is good for your body if you have some arthritis or any other physical condition.

5. If you are an exercise buff you can "power walk".

Source by Frank Ferrari DPM