A Man in Ladies' Lingerie (Part IV)

Designer lingerie – hot or not? I've had lots of friends ask me about designer lingerie; is it worth the price?

Let me ask you a question, man to man; "If you had the money, would you own a Ferrari or a Fiesta?" It's all about quality; that's not to say that the Fiesta is not quality, it's a fine car, but it's in a very different class to a Ferrari.

When you move up through the class divisions of cars, you quickly realize that you get what you pay for. However, with a Ferrari you get a lot more than just engineering quality; you get design, you get flair, you get power, but you also make a statement about yourself. With designer lingerie the same can be said; you get what you pay for. A hand-crafted silk negligee that flows and caresses the body can never be compared to an old t-shirt that gets thrown on at bedtime. Which would you rather see your girl wearing?

From a man's point of view designer lingerie may be relatively expensive, but it is almost always sexy. A silk negligee and robe, or a silk camisole and French knickers, say romance, it says love, and very definitely says sexy.

From a woman's point of view designer lingerie feels different, it feels expensive, and it makes them feel special. They put on a silk robe and look at the way it folds and tumbles gracefully over their body and they love it! Given a choice there are few women who would buy their knickers at the market if they could afford designer labels.

But what is a good label?

There are a few British designers where quality and sheer style puts them head and shoulders above the competition. Their businesses thrive because of their outstanding designs, and their creations adorn the bodies of the rich and famous worldwide.

At Blush Lingerie we are very proud to deal with two of the UK's finest lingerie and nightwear designers; Diki and Jane Woolrich. Both produce stunning collections, hand-made right here in the heart of England.

Designer lingerie – hot or not?

A resounding hot! Designer silk lingerie is very definitely in a league of its own.

Is designer lingerie worth the money?

You bet! Buy it once and you will buy it again and again. Designer silk makes a woman feel good about herself; after all, a beautiful cake is never ruined by adding beautiful icing.

Treat your girl; give her a change from mass produced underwear and show her the delights of hand-made, made-to-measure silk lingerie; who knows, one day she may treat you to that Ferrari!

Source by Dave Slater