5 Reasons You Need For Buying A Ferrari

With the ever-increasing rise of globalization comes an expectation of a parallel increase in knowledge of what the world has to offer. Luxuries are no longer limited to their country of origin; foreign goods can be shipped halfway around the world without the blink of an eye. This principle also applies to the pursuit of luxury cars. It’s not a matter anymore of Germans only driving the BMW and Englishmen preferring the Aston Martin, because one must find a sports car that is truly impressive–both stylistically and in terms of performance. Here are five reasons why the Ferrari must be considered the top contender in any sports car consideration.

1. The options within the brand: how do you prefer your Ferrari? Classic or contemporary? Smooth or powerful? Matching tastes is hardly an issue with this longtime, iconic brand. Traditionalists may prefer a 250 GTE, while the contemporary buyer will spring for the 458 Italia. Whether you want a car to impress your grandfather or your grandson, Ferrari has options.

2. Accessibility: as alluded to above, Ferrari ownership is no longer limited to only the ultra-rich. There’s no need to fly to Italy for a test drive, and a pre-owned Ferrari carries the same amount of punch as one fresh off of the assembly line. Don’t be shy about a used Ferrari–you can guarantee that the production value is rock-solid.

3. Performance: it is difficult to match the sheer power of many Ferrari vehicles. For instance, consider the aforementioned 458 Italia. Boasting a maximum speed of 202 mph, 398 lbs/ft of torque, and 419 kW of maximum power, it’s hard to be disappointed in the sheer ability of this car. All of this in addition to 0-60 in less that 3.4 seconds means that it is difficult to get bored in an Italia.

4. The beauty of the design: of course, there are slightly more powerful or faster cars than the Italia. But what those other cars lack is the fundamental beauty of the Ferrari design that is a key part of the brand’s success. There is something to be said for a car that looks as great as it performs, and Ferrari does not disappoint on this front. For instance, it is easy to picture oneself in a Ferrari Italia or 250 GTE. The same visualization is not as satisfying if it takes place in a Lamborghini Countach.

5. Benefits of an iconic brand: Ferrari is not a new entrant into the world of high-end sports cars, which makes an investment in one of these vehicles all the more enticing. There isn’t the same risk as with a brand that doesn’t have years of experience in producing the best of the best. A Ferrari is an obvious statement of class.

Now, there will always be certain aficionados who are complete partisans to their regional sports cars. It is not difficult to find a driver who refuses to consider anything but German engineering, or is perhaps partial to vehicles from Detroit. However, if an honest assessment of the best options on the market is made, then it is difficult to truly turn away from investing in a Ferrari.

Source by Virgil Tenovici