The Yenko Camaro

Way back in the late 1960's a dealership named Yenko Chevrolet decided to partner with Chevrolet in a venture to build a car that was very special, Don Yenko came up with the sYc or
"Super Yenko Camaro".

It was a specail order car and designed to impress those who would drive or own one of these cars, they were the cream of the crop of the Camaro world, next to the ZL1 these were the meanest Camaros ever built.

These were nothing to take lightly, and if you did you might learn a hard lesson, this is no ordinary Camaro, it was a landmark in the history of the Camaro, and it could beat the best
of them with the right driver.


For 1969, the dealership worked out a clever deal to have the L-72 engines installed on the factory assembly lines using a Central Office Production Order or COPO. The orders also included power disc brakes, a 4.10 Positraction rear end, a stronger front stabilizer, and a heavy-duty 4-core aluminum radiator. Buyers had the option of either the M-22 four speed or the Turbo Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission. A total of 201 cars were sold in 69: 171 four speeds and 30 automatics. Yenko rounded out the visual package with front and rear spoilers, a cowl-induction hood, special "Yenko 427" bagdes, and twin stripes down the flanks and hood.
Yenko Camaro Stats

Standing 1/4 Mile Time

* 11.904 @ 115 MPH

0-60 Performance

* 3.8 Seconds


* 8.9 Seconds


* 427 CID 425 HP


* $ 3,895


* Muncy M-22 Rock Crusher 4 Speed

Source by David Atkin