2007 Thoughts on Starting Your Own Auto Detail Shop

Starting your own Auto Detailing Shop can be an exciting entrepreneurial endeavor and an awesome small business adventure, which can become part of your American dream. Of course before you start you will wish to learn the basics and want to get experienced detailing cars. This book is not concentrated on the fundamentals of auto detailing procedures or; How to Detail Cars, rather it is focused on the marketing, strategic planning and developing of business plans to succeed in the marketing place.

You see, Auto Detailing is a business and there are expenses, employees and customer service to deal with. Many auto detailers who are the top of the game as Auto Detail Artists and have skills, which are truly unbelievable, do not make the money they should, due to their lack of business acumen and experience. Of course over time they develop the business skills, but in the mean time they are involved in an uphill battle. This article therefore is available to give assistance in the business building phases to insure success.

Will this article guarantee success? No, not in itself, although it will help the hard-chargers with strength of character and give them some more tools to use in moving the ball down the field in the market place. In this article I want you to discuss the differences between wholesale auto detailing for car dealerships, rent-a-car companies and fleets of vehicles; with personal retail detailing. You might also learn the definitions of Express Detailing and how that affects high-end detail shops and how an Auto Detail Shop must cash in on the different types of customers to make the most money.

This article does not get heavy into marketing, advertising, direct mail, public relations, community involvement and word-of-mouth advertising for a constant flow of new and former satisfied customers, but you need to be thinking here. You should discuss branding, signage and image as well, after all in Auto Detailing we are selling image for the customer and we must be weary of first impressions and what that means for the Auto Detailing Shop's success.

Lastly, I thank you for reading this article, as it is one of my first articles for 2007 on running an Auto Detailing Shop, although most likely not my final writing on the subject. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?

Source by Lance Winslow