Dodge Challenger Exhaust Upgrades

The Dodge Challenger began its quick reign of power in the early 70’s and had a four year run and then was put on hold for another four years that was followed up by five more years and then, gone. Until the third generation challenger emerged with full force in 2008. The debut of this long lost beast was Feb. 6, 2008. And yes it does come with a Hemi. Dodge/Chrysler did not hold back when recreating this animal. The first third year generation model was an SRT8 6.1 L Hemi V8 which came in the Hemi orange. The 2010 models will not be available in the Hemi orange but will be introducing the Plum Crazy and the Detonator Yellow. Regardless of what model you choose they all can be pushed to an even higher limit than Chrysler/Dodge had originally planned. One of the most popular upgrades whether you are a car enthusiast or not are Dodge Challenger Performance Exhaust systems.

MBRP exhaust systems have been a leader in the industry for over fifteen years. MBRP has designed an exhaust to system to bring out the full potential of the Dodge Challenger. The MBRP Dodge Challenger line of exhausts covers all of the third generation models. They come ready to push power for both the dual exhaust V8 Challengers and the single exhaust V6 Challengers. The horse power gains that can be expected from the innovation of MBRP are between 20 to 30 extra horses, depending on the engine size. They come with two types of stainless steel, the T-304 and the T-409. Also they will increase torque by about 24 ft/lbs. All of the MBRP Dodge Challenger exhaust system products come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects. And if anyone cares you will be rewarded with conservative driving by increasing the gas mileage by 1-3 miles per gallon.

Next on the list of exhaust products is the line from Magnaflow. Magnaflow has over 25 years of experience in adding a little extra to the exhaust industry. Does anyone remember “Grave Digger”? As a child “Grave Digger” was my favorite monster truck. Magnaflow was affiliated with the driver Dennis Anderson who drove the infamous monster truck. Where performance mattered most, for life and a career, Magnaflow has and will continue to be put to the test. They have since moved on to a much bigger world trying to take on most car and truck models. These systems will give a Dodge Challenger a more aggressive sound that we all love. They will also improve gas mileage, horsepower and torque. A price cannot be put on the beauty that this system will bring to the already beautiful Dodge Challenger.

The third and final line of exhausts that we will touch on is the Corsa Exhaust systems. Corsa started with the rival Corvette in 1998, and ventured off to create what is now another one of the leaders in the Performance Exhaust realm. Corsa has one of the most advanced exhaust systems in the world. They are tailored to deliver exactly what the Dodge Challenger needs to outperform the competition. They were designed to maximize horsepower, eliminate drone while cruising and the sound that it will create will be the voice to fit the personality of the Dodge Challenger.

There are many other exhaust systems available on the market but for time we could only touch on a couple. They were not put in any specific order and they will all increase the performance of any Dodge Challenger. Drive hard and have fun doing it!

Source by Dan Stephens