Internet Marketing – Don't Believe the Hype

Believing the hype of get rich quick quick schemes can lead to disappointment and financial disaster. I mean who doesn't want to know how to get rich and easy? Well, there's no such thing as get rich quick. It's get-rich-slow. There is no easy, effortless road to a six- or seven-figure income. So forget about the massive payouts people are promising you for doing almost nothing or mailing chain letters. Don't think twice about the gifting programs and the ponzi schemes. Ignore the screen shots of massive PayPal and ClickBank payouts.

There was a song out a while ago called "Don't believe the hype." That's what I'd encourage you to bear in mind now. On the internet, especially in the realm on internet marketing, there is so much exaggeration and bragging. We see images all the time of people floating among mountains of cash, standing in front of mansions, yachting off the coast of the French Riviera, and leaning against Lamborghinis and Ferraris. In fact, I just today received an email about an automatic cash pumping machine.

How to get rich quick

I've received emails and ads from people who tell me that operating an internet business is as easy as withdrawing money from an ATM 24/7. Well, what they forget to tell you is that in order to get money out of an ATM, you first have to have money in your account. I simply delete these messages without reading them. I don't want to be lied to anymore, and you shouldn't waste your precious time reading them either.

Why is it that whenever we thinking of online marketing, we conjure up images of instant riches? Don't you appreciate rewards more when you have worked to earn them? When you develop your skills as a marketer, you know that you control your own destiny to a certain degree. You are not dependent upon the vagaries and whims of people who may not have your best interests at heart.

Through working to build your own business, you also develop the mindset, skills, talents, and work ethic to create wealth. If you hit a rough patch and lose all of your money, you will still have the confidence that you can rebuilt your empire. Wealth starts with your thoughts. Ask Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki.

In fact, someone once asked Donald Trump what he would do if he lost all of his money. He simply responded that he'd be rich again. He's done it before. Wealth becomes a habit when you combine brains, action, and motivation. Wealth accumulation is not a sprint. It's a marathon. Treat your online business the same way you would treat your offline business. Would you expect to become rich overnight from owning a franchise or a mom and pop store? Certainly not! So, why would you expect to achieve untold wealth in 30-90 days in your internet business?

I've heard people say that they will work their online business for a couple or months to see how it works out. One to three months isn't much time at all. If you are serious about growing a replacement income for your current job or a walk away income as you start building your fortune, a minimum commitment is 1-3 years. Don't short-change yourself by thinking anything else. So instead of getting rich quick, let's concentrate on getting rich forever. Which one would you rather have?

Source by Angela M Arnold