Used Porsche – How a Supercar Can Become Affordable

There really has always been something of a holy trinity of European sports cars that seems impossible for any rival manufacturers to penetrate or split up. Try as they might, when I personally talk about sports cars I can rarely think beyond the might of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Sadly, talking about these supercars is as close as it seems as I will get to ever owning one, unless a highly lucrative promotion or lottery win happens to come my way. Both of these happenstances seem as unlikely as each other at the moment.

However, the myth of the ultra expensive, highly exclusive supercar may be pricked rather easily when you consider the rate of which these vehicles depreciate in value. This depreciation begins as soon as the first owned drives that car away from the dealership and doesn’t cease to snowball until the car ends up in an un-driveable condition on a scrapheap.

So what does this mean to the average salary man/woman like you and I? It means that by scouring the used supercar market, the notion of owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a Porsche doesn’t seem quite as farfetched as you may have originally thought. Let me give you a rather piquant example.

A little bit of research shows us that a brand new Porsche 911 starts at approximately £62,000 (nearly $100,000 USD), which seems like a rather unaffordable amount for a person on an average salary, however, it is in the Used Porsche market that you will find some interesting reading. After less than 3 years and 25,000 – 30,000 miles on the clock, a Used Porsche 911 will be roughly half of its original price and therefore verging on the affordable.

If you are hoping to own a supercar in the near future, then take my advice and check the used market first.

Source by Pete Ridgard