1973 Ford Mustang SportsRoof

1973 Ford Mustang SportsRoof

Down the San Francisco Streets!

Shout out to Alistair, a good friend of mine who captured this last of the Big ‘Stangs in Noe Valley, San Francisco.

The composite bumper and vertically mounted marker lights are give-aways of the model year, and the SportsRoof bodystyle a tale of Bunkie Knudsen’s controversial and quickly-dismissed influence. Stolen by Henry Ford II from GM, he pushed for a bigger, faster and sportier packaging of the Mustang and is also responsible for the pointy-nosed 1970 T-Bird.

As the legend goes, that particular T-Bird’s protuberant nose required extra insurance premiums to make up for higher and more frequent repairs.

Still, whether one likes it or not, with its massive, squared-off lines, this ’73 looked quite different from the lithe 1964 model or even the graceful 1969 beast, and was overall getting long in the tooth by the time it got replaced. It still proved more successful than the ’72 as people were surely anticipating the switch to a smaller package with the upcoming Mustang II and wanted to make sure they could snatch the very last of the big Ponies.

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