Watch This Twin-Turbo Ferrari F12 Race Ken Block’s Hoonicorn

Despite the impressive result of this twin-turbo project said to have been inspired by the 1,400-hp Hoonicorn itself, the entire Hoonigan team votes against the Italian winning, and that’s exactly how the races turn out. Lia buries the throttle on the first 1,000-foot race from a dig, and despite smoking the tires, leaves the Ferrari by bus lengths. The Fezza then tries a rolling race, where Damon gets to pass a stationary Lia at 60 mph before she’s allowed to leave, but whether it was overheating clutches to blame, not enough boost, or the fact that Damon has a lot of mechanical sympathy with this car after countless delays and headaches, the Hoonicorn wins again.

Fortunately, Damon has less respect for his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, and we get to close with shots of him performing wild donuts before sliding it right off the track. This may be one of the most unfair yet most exciting Hoonicorn vs The World features of the season.

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