Ford Issues Bonuses To Dealers Who Sell Cars Quickly

The notice that went out on February 28 motivates dealer staff to sell models on the floor as quickly as possible through bonus payments. This “fast turn component” will allow dealers to make more money depending on how quickly they can sell stock. At the same time, it will be revising its dealer floorplan assistance program (FPA) so that fewer units are returned by the dealerships.

From March, if a car is sold in less than 15 days, the dealer will earn a $250 cash bonus. This decreases to $150 for 16 to 30 days and $100 for 31 to 60 days. After this time, there will be no bonuses paid. This is a great opportunity for hard-working dealers to make some extra cash but the FPA adjustment is what throws a real spanner in the works.

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