New Exhausts For C7 Corvette, Mustang GT And Subaru BRZ Sound Sweet

As with the Japanese sports cars above, 304 stainless steel is used for the Mustang GT’s system. The difference on this car is that the piping is three inches in diameter and passes through a proprietary X-pipe and exits via four four-inch black chrome tips. $2,399 is what you’ll pay for this system.

Finally, the C7 Corvette system gets three-inch piping and is very similar to that of the BRZ and 86 in design. Here, a quad-exit finisher design sees 4.5-inch black chrome tips exit rear of the vehicle. If you optioned exhaust valves when your C7 was new, this MagnaFlow system can incorporate them too, but this is the most expensive system of all at $2,900. All systems come with a lifetime construction warranty and a one-year limited finish warranty.

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