The Ford Bronco Raptor’s MPG Ratings Are Horrendous

The Bronco Raptor is officially rated at 15/16/15 mpg. Yes, those are horrendous numbers that would absolutely qualify for a gas guzzler tax (if the Bronco wasn’t an SUV), but it’s not so significant given the substantial performance increase. That 15 mpg average is two less than a comparable 2.7-liter Bronco Sasquatch riding on 35-inch tires, representing an 11.7% decrease.

According to the EPA, you can expect to spend around $4,500 per year (on average) to fill the Bronco Raptor, compared to $3,950 for the Bronco Sasquatch. We doubt anyone spending $70-80,000 on an off-road SUV will notice a $550 yearly increase in fuel costs. Considering the Raptor gets 70 extra horses, larger tires, and wider fenders, that fuel economy loss seems tolerable. Sure, it’s not great, but what did you expect?

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