Ford Celebrates Pride Month In Style With Brightly Colored Bronco

The Blue Oval isn’t the only company to salute the LGBTQ+ community. Last year, Bentley commissioned a gorgeous one-off known as the Unifying Spur. Like the Bronco, Bentley adorned the luxury sedan with the rainbow flag but went a step further, with designer Rich Morris underlying strong messages through inspired design. For example, dancing figures found across the Bentley represent the “unifying power of humanity.”

Not to be left out, BMW also festooned the 8 Series cabriolet with the pride flag in 2020 and continues to support the LGBTQ+ community with great initiatives, much like Ford does. Sadly, these projects often attract a lot of negative attention and hate, but we applaud automakers for supporting not only their marginalized employees but the community as a whole, too.

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