NOVITEC Shows Off New Upgrades For The Maserati MC20

The Maserati MC20 gets a NOVITEC makeover.

Maserati’s new MC20 supercar is the realization of the performance potential that the Trident brand has left dormant for years. Its Nettuno V6 engine has revolutionary levels of performance and it marks the beginning of a new chapter when it comes to what Maserati is capable of in the supercar world. However, for companies like NOVITEC, even the best cars have room for improvement, and improvement is exactly what NOVITEC did with the MC20, giving it a performance and style upgrade that adds both extra speed and extra flair.

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The new exhaust and performance upgrades that NOVITEC added to the MC20 raise power to a total of 711 horsepower, and torque comes up to an impressive 603 lb/ft. That performance comes with sportier looks to match, as the MC20 with NOVITEC upgrades gets a fresh set of wheels and an upgraded sport suspension. In addition, new aerodynamic pieces are seen throughout the car, all made of racing-inspired exposed carbon fiber, giving the beautiful Italian luxury supercar an intimidating and edgy twist.


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