The New Maserati Project24 Track-Only Supercar Will Feature Unique Personalization

Maserati’s new race car is abundant in performance, exclusivity, and style.

One of Maserati’s strongest suits as a brand is in looks. When it comes to elegant design and Italian style and luxury, it’s difficult to find cars quite like Maseratis that capture the driving joy of Italian luxury performance cars as well as they do. The new MC20 is currently the greatest example of Maserati’s ability to roll performance, style, luxury, and innovation in one, and while the more performance-dedicated new Maserati Project24 is a track-only supercar, Maserati continues to do what it does best and make cars that boast unparalleled beauty and elegance.

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This is achieved through Maserati’s customization program, Fuoriserie, through which customers will be able to personalize their Project24 cars to the highest level. Each Project24 car will be unique and customized by its owner, where it will make a statement on every track that it visits, both when it’s standing still and when it’s driving at intense speed.

Source: Maserati

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