First-Ever Two-Piece Connecting Rod To Debut At SEMA 2022

Transcend Energy Group says that it has performed multiple dyno tests and has a vehicle operating with the Thunder Rod. The company has naturally patented its new connecting rod and says that it will have no sticking points or cause any sort of hammer effect, making it suitable for racing cars, everyday cars and trucks, and OEMs. The technology will be showcased at booth #10219 with a cross-section of an engine on display, showing the Thunder Rod on one side and a standard rod on the other. The company will demonstrate live how the innovation improves performance and is hoping to compete for the awards of Engineered New Product, Performance-Racing Product, Off-Road/4-Wheel-Drive Product, and Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product.

Hopefully, we’ll see this invention in action on the drag strip or at the circuit in something like a Mustang very soon. As a reminder, SEMA takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 1-4 November 2022.

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