Ford Bronco Fun-Runner Gets Huge 42-Inch Tires And Portal Axles For SEMA 2022

Part of that will be helped by a new “Ghost Box.” The idea is to make installing wired accessories easier by running all wires to the Ghost Box. From there, the box and its now-attached accessories can be controlled via a wireless control panel in the cabin or via an app.

Speaking of things inside the Fun-Runner, the stock Bronco seats are tossed in favor of new Recaro Cross Sportster buckets. These were developed specifically by the Fun-Haver team for use in the Bronco.

That’s also true of the Fox Elite 2.5 coilovers. Unfortunately, even SEMA builds have been hit hard by supply shortages, and RTR says that a new hydraulic steering solution to combat the weight from those huge 42-inchers didn’t make it onto the car in time. Rest assured, you’ll still be able to order any of these parts for your own Bronco.

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