Ford Is Dealing With Another Fire Recall

Ford is currently working with dealers to get the recalls rolled out. It will entail updating the vehicle software to detect whether a fuel injector is cracked and then warn the driver with a dashboard message. If something is detected, the engine will automatically reduce engine power to contain the risk and allow the driver to pilot the vehicle to a safe location and call for service.

Dealers will also install a tub draining fuel away from the cylinder head and away from the hot surfaces and make sure there is no fuel odor coming from the top of the engine.

“Taking care of our customers who are affected by this potential issue is our utmost priority,” said Jim Azzouz, Executive Director, Global CX Products & Customer Relations. “Once the repair is available, we will ask customers to schedule service with their preferred dealer. They can then take advantage of our complimentary pickup and delivery or a loaner to make sure the repair is completed at their earliest convenience.”

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