Lamborghini Profited $658 Million In 2022

According to Lamborghini, a “bull market” of sorts is present in the automotive industry, because yet again, the iconic manufacturer is celebrating its best year ever financially as the 2022 fiscal year comes to a close. It starts with a record-breaking number of deliveries: 9,233 cars worldwide, Lamborghini’s best annual number ever. It marks the first time that Lamborghini has ever crossed the 9,000-car threshold when it comes to deliveries. A positive future is secured as well, with an full order book going all the way into 2024.

At the bottom line, Lamborghini’s operating profit is also the best that it has ever been, and by an incredible margin, as well. At roughly $658 million, the best-ever operating profit from Lamborghini in 2022 is an improvement of over 56 percent compared to 2021’s number, which was also the best ever result for Lamborghini at the time. While the United States remained the place where the most Lamborghinis were delivered, deliveries in Asia increased by 14%, the most of anywhere in the world. With success in 2022, and a new flagship supercar coming very soon, things are looking up for the automotive industry’s Fighting Bull.

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