New Car Markup: The Most Outrageous Markups In Recent Years

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is the maddest gas-powered model the American automaker has ever produced. To make matters worse, Dodge is done with V8 engines, which means this car represents an end of an era.

Dodge knew there was a potential for ridiculous markups. The MSRP for the Demon 170 is $99,666, and Dodge said that preference would be given to dealers who would sell the car at the suggested price. This approach failed because several allocations went to Dodge dealerships, who advertised allocations on Facebook Marketplace for $200,000 over sticker.

After discovering that people would be willing to pay that, the price in some places quickly jumped by another 50 grand.

This creates a huge problem. People who pay $100k for the Demon 170 would be more likely to take it to the drag strip. But once you’ve spent $350,000 on a car, would you risk it? This car was meant to be enjoyed by audiences at drag strips, but now they’ll be stored in climate-controlled garages.

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