The Grand Tour Is Back And Better Than Ever

If you consider yourself a passionate car enthusiast, you most likely recognize the names Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May. Responsible for capturing an audience of millions with their avid car knowledge and reckless antics, the trio is best known for hosting The Grand Tour automotive series on Amazon. With four successful seasons traveling around the globe while driving some of the world’s greatest cars, the boys are back and headed to Europe for the fifth season, The Grand Tour: Eurocrash.

Jeremy, Richard, and James take on an adventurous 1400-mile road trip across Central Europe, driving what is described as “cars nobody would ever dream of.” The official trailer of The Grand Tour: Eurocrash gives fans a sneak peek at the shenanigans the three friends will get into, from racing Soviet-style Formula 1 race cars to driving “budget” cars onto an aircraft taking off. Along with forgotten models and experimental examples, the trio will get the chance to test some of the modern marvels paving the way for the future of performance cars. Watch the trailer for The Grand Tour: Eurocrash by clicking the link above, and make sure to tune into the first episode currently on Amazon.

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