Watch Vaughn Gittin Jr. Race His 1,300-HP Mustang Drift Car Against A Drift Boat

HyperFest at the Virginia International Raceway has always been a showcase of everything great about the car culture. Dubbed the “automotive amusement park,” it combines live music, extreme sports, and various automotive spectacles.

One such spectacle was a drifting exhibition featuring a boat and professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. piloting his 1,300-HP Ford Mustang RTR Formula Drift car.

During the event, Gittin immersed himself in the entire experience, even joining an off-roading crew at night. He delighted the crowd with his drifting prowess, pushing his Mustang to its limits on the track. However, a moment around the 11-minute and 40-second mark of the video below truly astonished him.

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