Can-Am Maverick R Is A High-Tech Off-Road Toy With The Wildest Suspension Ever

The Maverick R has a steering-mounted instrument screen and an in-house-designed 10.5-inch infotainment screen that serves as the centerpiece, offering audio control and vehicle information displays with map integration via Can-Am’s app.

To accommodate gear and accessories, the Maverick R sports a modular clamp-down system at the rear, allowing for the attachment of Can-Am-designed accessories.

The Can-Am Maverick R starts at $35,499, which is more than you’ll pay for a base Ford Bronco. It’s also a $13,500 premium over the Maverick X3 owned by Ken Block. The most expensive model (X RS with Smart Shox) costs $44,299.

It’s a pricey off-road toy, for sure. Then again, you get the Ranger Raptor experience without paying $56,000, but at least the Raptor comes standard with niceties like a roof and climate control.

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